All Aboard!

Line of inquiry

How can we be more inclusive? How does the Golden Rule remind us to include others? How can we work together to include everybody?

Grade range: K-3

Group size: Around 5 students per group

Materials: Several thick ropes or long jump ropes and duct tape

Activity Objective: Keep students inside a circle as it gets smaller and smaller

Time: 35 minutes

Skills: Critical thinking skills, communication, cooperation

Space: A gym or classroom with desks pushed back.
Directions: Each group will form a circle with their shoes touching in the middle. The facilitator will wrap the rope around the outside of their space. Once everyone is settled, the facilitator will make the ropes smaller and smaller, using the duct tape to keep the rope in place. Students will have to work together to keep some part of everybody inside the circle. It might just end up being everyone’s hand.

Extensions: The facilitator can use the ropes to create different shapes on the floor. Students are invited to join together in one of the many shapes. The rest is the same; the rope gets smaller and smaller and the groups have to figure out how to stay inside.

Reflection: Was it difficult to include everybody? Do we ever leave people out? Why?

Notes: This activity is good at the end of the week. It helps remind students that we are all part of a community and no one wants to be left out.


GRP All Aboard!