Build the Sculpture

Line of inquiry: How can we work together to solve a problem?

Grade range: 4-12

Group size: No more than 7, no less than 4

Materials: Each group will be given 2 pieces of yarn 2 ft. long, 2 pieces of butcher paper that are 2×2 feet square. Facilitator will need a raw egg and a ladder.

Activity Objective: Ask students to build a statue – with given materials – that will hold an egg when dropped

Time: 45 minutes

Skills: Critical thinking skills, communication, cooperation

Space: A large room, a classroom with room in the middle, a gym or playground
Directions: Each group will receive their materials and this task: Build / craft / create a statue honoring your city (or you could choose a real person, a saint or something else.) The students have only the materials they have been given and themselves. They must construct a statue that has a place to catch an egg from the bird that is a symbol of their town, she will only lay her egg on the statue and she only lays one egg a year. The facilitator will drop the egg from a 7ft. ladder. They must use all of the materials

Extensions: It is important for all members to contribute. Facilitators can assign roles like engineer, designer etc. Some side coaching will help keep students engaged.

Reflection: Why is it important for communities to have a sense of pride? How did you include all of the members?

Notes: Younger students may need some extra help with the plans. This could also become a class project.


GRP Build the Sculpture