Circle of Circles

“Your homeland is in great danger! In order to save your world, this team has traveled back in time to an ancient land to learn the forgotten secret of peace and happiness. The Golden Loop is your time machine and you have written the secret on its surface. You must be fully present and aware of the moment by paying careful attention to each movement as you pass through the loop in order for it to work.Your mission is to get each member of your team back through time as quickly as possible and share the secret with the world.”

PDF: Circle of Circles Lesson Plan

  • Line of Inquiry: How do circles help us connect with others? How is The Golden Rule like a circle?
  • Age Range: K-12th grade (Elementary-Adult)
  • Group Size: 5-20
  • Activity Time: 20-30 minutes (with reflection time)
  • Set-Up Time: 5 minutes
  • Materials: 8.5 feet yellow duct tape (and/or 1 hula-hoop), 1 sharpie marker, a clock/timer or watch. A poster of the variations of The Golden Rule is helpful to have in sight.
  • Activity Objective: To pass the circle-loop (or hula-hoop) around the circle of students as quickly as possible.
  • Utah Core Standards: Language Arts: Speaking and Listening: For Grades K-12 these lessons support Utah Core Standards 1-4. In Kindergarten and 1st grade, Standards 5 and 6 are also supported. Language Arts: Writing: For Grades K-5 the reflection topics of these lessons can be used to support Utah Core Standards 1-4,7&10 (excluding Standard 1 in Kindergarten and Standards 4 &10 which begin in 3rd Grade). For Grades 6th -12th the reflection portion of these lessons can be used to support Utah Core Standards 1,2,4&10. Social Studies: (Citizenship) Demonstrate positive relationships through play and friendship, demonstrate respect for each individual and appropriate social skills necessary for working in a group, modeling appropriate group behavior and expressing feelings in appropriate ways.
  • Skills Developed: Goal Setting, Process Improvement, Problem Solving, Trust, Creativity, Making Connections.