Communication Chaos

“I am about to give Group 1 (The Speakers) a very important, secret message. It is their mission to successfully transmit that message to Group 2 (The Receivers) in 1 minute or less. It is Group 2’s mission to successfully receive the message and be able to repeat it back exactly at the end of the 1 minute. Group 3 (The Blockers) it is  your mission is to stop the message from being sent to Group 2 (The Receivers). If at the end of 1 minute, Group 2 (The Receivers) is not able to repeat the exact message that was given to Group 1(The Speakers), you have succeeded. You must follow all the rules during this challenge.“

 PDF: Communication Chaos

  • Line of Inquiry: What does it feel like when people are not practicing The Golden Rule? How do we communicate when others don’t want to listen? How do we use The Golden Rule to communicate in chaotic situations?
  • Age Range: 4th-12th grade (Elementary-Adult)
  • Group Size: 20+
  • Activity Time: 20-45 minutes (with reflection time)
  • Set-Up Time: 1 minute
  • Materials: 20-40 feet tape or Golden Rule Ribbon (depending on group size) chalk can also be used if playing outdoors on blacktop, a timer/stopwatch/ or clock.  A poster of the variations of The Golden Rule is helpful to have in sight (
  • Activity Objective: To stop the opposing team from delivering their message.
  • Utah Core Standards: Language Arts: Speaking and Listening: For Grades K-12 these lessons support Utah Core Standards 1-4. In Kindergarten and 1st grade, Standards 5 and 6 are also supported.
  • Language Arts: Writing: For Grades K-5 the reflection topics of these lessons can be used to support Utah Core Standards 1-4,7&10 (excluding Standard 1 in Kindergarten and Standards 4 &10 which begin in 3rd Grade). For Grades 6th -12th the reflection portion of these lessons can be used to support Utah Core Standards 1,2,4&10.
  • These are great topics for group discussions to practice Utah Core Standards in Speaking and Listening. You can also use some of these topics as writing prompts to support Utah Core Standards in Writing; younger grades can be encouraged to draw pictures to express ideas
  • Social Studies: (Citizenship) Demonstrate positive relationships through play and friendship, demonstrate respect for each individual and appropriate social skills necessary for working in a group, modeling appropriate group behavior and expressing feelings in appropriate ways.
  • Skills Developed: Listening, Speaking, Processing, Problem Solving, Creativity, Planning, Fun.