On mindfulness and being present: How busy-ness affects ethical living

By Teresa Jordan — Benjamin Franklin was in his early 20s when he embarked on what he called his “bold and arduous project of arriving at moral perfection.” He set out 13 virtues including order, industry, sincerity and humility, and made a chart in which he tracked each virtue for a week at a time and marked his transgressions. He could run through his list four times over the course of a year…

News from Maine

Can magic make bullying disappear? By Dawn De Busk, Staff Writer for Bridgton News Most people – no matter how young – have heard the concepts “treat others as you’d like to be treated” or “walk in the other person’s shoes.” Some people would be surprised to learn that it is a worldwide concept – […]

On KUTV News (assembly – in depth)

We are delighted to have Dan Rascon cover Attention, Magic and the Golden Rule. Our assembly presentation is not only for elementary students, but for all ages, including junior high and high school! Magician Steffan Soule focuses on the power of attention and how we can use our attention to apply the Golden Rule in a […]


We have created a series of bookmarks that incorporate different formulations of the golden rule. They are quite handy and are available in various locations throughout Phillips Gallery. Please feel free to take some the next time you are visiting. We think they make nice little gifts and from time to time will take a […]

Attention, Magic and the Golden Rule

Our present focus is to schedule as many performances of  “Magic, Attention and the Golden Rule” as possible for the present 2013-2014 school year. The program was developed by Steffan Soule, a professional magician as per a commission by the Golden Rule Project to address the problem of bullying in the schools. It is  primarily […]