Utah Elementary School annual conference

We recently obtained copies of poems written by Linda Smith, Director of Repertory Dance Theater, to accompany dance numbers she had choreographed as part of the Golden Rule theme for the Utah Elementary School annual conference.  

GR article

Golden Rule theme for Utah Arts Council’s Arts Education Program

In 2005, the Utah Arts Council’s Arts Education Program (UAC/AE) and the Utah State Office of Education sponsored a statewide arts education conference using the Golden Rule as its theme. We wish to sincerely thank Jean Okuda Irwin, Arts Education Manager of UAC/AE, for advocating the Golden Rule and for her role in promoting arts […]

Westvale Elementary School

We just picked up our first completed illumination of the elementary school version of our Golden Rule Broadside from Westvale Elementary School in the Jordan School District. It will be matted and framed shortly and delivered to the school. See below the various illuminated elementary school broadsides as they are completed.

Sandy Gagon’s art class at Salt Lake

Sandy Gagon’s art class at Salt Lake Community College was recently assigned the task of illuminating our Golden Rule Broadsides. As a result, we received 13 illuminated broadsides reflecting each student’s unique perspective and vision regarding the Golden Rule. We are in the process of matting and framing these broadsides. Upon completion, they will be […]

Golden Rule Broadsides

We’ve begun distribution of the Golden Rule Broadsides for the elementary schools. Thus far, we have received approval for distribution to the schools in the Salt Lake City School District, the Nebo School District and the Jordan School District. This amounts to approximately 113 schools . We antcipate this number to grow soon as we […]

Interested in placing one in an elementary school

Our elementary school version of the Golden Rule broadside was printed this weekend and is in the process of drying. We will have them available beginning Tuesday, September 19th. If you are interested in placing one in an elementary school, please contact us via e-mail (stephen@goldenruleproject.org) and we will arrange for delivery as soon as […]