Golden Rule Project at 9th & 9th Street Festival

This past Saturday (Sept. 16,2017) we had the best time at the 9th & 9th Street Festival in Salt Lake City, UT.

The weather was great, there were lots of vendors, and we had lots of visitors at our booth!

We asked the question:

How could SLC be more KIND?

We were amused with the amount of people that wanted to participate and share their thoughts on kindness and the Golden Rule.

We had participants of

Different ages
Different parts of the city, state and the world (!)
Different languages
Different cultural backgrounds
Different races
Different points of view
Different religions
Different styles

Yet, when they all took the time to think of kindness, they all came out with similar answers.
Really great, similar answers.

And isn’t that the magic of the Golden Rule? It is present in every situation. No matter what walk of life, the Golden Rule makes sense and we have been taught that at some point of our lives no matter what we believe.

You know why?

Because we are all the same.


Check out the answers collected below, and don’t forget we’ll be at the Downtown Salt Lake City Farmer’s Market this Saturday Sept. 23rd, collecting more stories to share and show the commonality between us all!

Hope to see you there!