Golden Rule Project Blog

I have the great honor of serving as the Executive Director of the Golden Rule Project (GRP). It is a small nonprofit with big dreams. We aspire to touch lives, expand hearts, and improve our connections with each other by reminding all to strive to live the Golden Rule. It is simple yet challenging; a powerful tool that anyone can use to increase love and kindness – yet it takes practice.

I love my job! Every day, I get to think about ways to spread the Golden Rule – to students and adults, in play and at work, through art, sports, laws, and our Constitution, and touching the lives of people with faith and those with none. It is a dream job!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to talk with several students from Wasatch Elementary School, located in Salt Lake City. We asked students what could help improve kindness in their school. The students, grades 2-6, gave thoughtful answers and insightful ideas. Two answers have stuck me: one third grade student said she thought being kind to the students who get into trouble would bring more kindness to her classroom, and a fifth grade boy said we should forgive people when they apologize and not hold onto hurt and anger. Wisdom beyond their years…

Bonnie Phillips started the Golden Rule Project in 2003. The mission of the GRP is to increase the awareness and practice of compassion, kindness, and peace by sharing the universal principle of the Golden Rule through education, programming and partnerships. The GRP has some steady programs that we currently share with schools throughout Utah. During the school year that is just ending, the GRP traveled to 31 schools, touching the lives of more than 15,500 people through performances, lesson plans, art, posters, bookmarks and more.

In the coming 2017-18 school year, we want to explore the power of meditation, mindfulness, kindness clubs and other ideas that may surface between now and then. Please stay tuned and we will update you on the meandering and growth of the GRP over the next few years.

Thanks for your support of the GRP! Please sign our pledge and pass it on to others in your network.

In peace,

Susan Soleil