“The grid in front of you is a maze. I have drawn an invisible path through that your team must uncover. Your mission is to figure out the secret path and get all your team members out of the gridlock before time runs out. There is only one route through and I will compare your movements with my map. If you step on a correct square I will be silent, however if you step on an incorrect square, I will make a “BEEP” sound and you must step off the maze and let your next teammate try. You must remember The Golden Rule as you help your teammates navigate through the grid and you must follow all the guidelines.”

 PDF: Grid Walk Lesson Plan

  • Line of Inquiry: When people make mistakes how do we treat them? How do we want to be treated when we make mistakes? How do people define failure? How do we navigate success? How does The Golden Rule help us turn perceived failure into success for everyone?
  • Age Range: 6th-12th grade (Middle School-Adult)
  • Group Size: 4-15
  • Activity Time: 20-45 minutes (with reflection time)
  • Set-Up Time: 5 minutes
  • Materials: 1 full roll yellow duct tape or masking tape (approximately 100 feet) (Chalk or cones can also be substituted in some instances). Clip board, a few sheets of blank paper, a clock/ timer or watch.
  • Activity Objective: Your team must find the hidden route through The Grid and get all your team members to complete the task before time runs out.
  • Utah Core Standards: Social Studies: (Citizenship) Demonstrate positive relationships through play and friendship, demonstrate respect for each individual and appropriate social skills necessary for working in a group, modeling appropriate group behavior and expressing feelings in appropriate ways.
  • Skills Developed: Communication, Roles & Responsibilities, Problem Solving, Memory and Tracking.