Human Knots

Line of inquiry: How can we communicate and solve a problem when we are restricted in movement or not able to talk?

Grade range: K-3

Group size: Three or four groups of 4-6 students

Materials: Just space and time

Activity Objective: Challenge students to solve a puzzle involving their fellow students

Time: 30 minutes

Skills: Critical thinking skills, communication, cooperation

Space: A classroom, with desks pushed back, a gym, or the playground.
Directions: Each group will choose a problem-solver. All of the problem-solvers will leave the room. In each group, the students will hold hands and then twist in and out, under and over to create a human knot. The problem-solvers will come back in and try to “un-tie” their group, they cannot speak and the students’ hands must stay locked.

Extensions: This can be done several times, giving different students the chance to be the problem-solver.

Reflection: how can we become better communicators using something other than our voices? How does the Golden Rule guide us when problem-solving with a group?

Notes: This is a great activity to get students moving, yet keeping them quiet.


GRP Human Knots