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All Life strives to incorporate the principle of the Golden Rule. Directing our attention toward understanding this most basic principle gives us a reasonable, common sense and compassionate direction in anything we do. Remembering and putting the Golden Rule to use each day in our own lives transforms our relationship with ourselves, with others and with our environment, the planet Earth.

An invitation to All:

1stStrive and Incorporate: strive to understand the meaning of the Golden Rule for myself and how I wish to incorporate it in my life, recognizing that this effort is sometimes hard and yet always helpful.

2ndInvite and Request: invite/petition/request those who represent me to do the same: live by the Golden Rule. My representatives will change the world for the better when they apply it within their organizations, such as in any of the religious traditions, teachings and in communities; environmental, civic, economic, educational, political, or social entities.

3rdStand in Unity: join with those on this planet who wish to take real responsibility toward compassion and fairness; and to build an understanding with my neighbors about what is to be done in each new situation based upon the principle of the Golden Rule. Simply stated,

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.
Respect for All Life is the foundation.
The Great Law of Peace, Native American
The Golden Rule Project will continuously make the results of this pledge/petition/proclamation available for all to see and utilize. The more of us who agree and sign, the more power we share as we petition our representatives to live by and apply the Golden Rule in real life situations.


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