Lunch Table Trouble

“You are about to head into the school cafeteria when you see there is a bully sitting at your lunch table waiting for you. The bully knows The Golden Rule, but is not using it and is threatening to take your lunch money. However, you have linked-up with a team of people all practicing The Golden Rule. Your mission is to travel through the cafeteria and across the other line safely with all the members of the team including “The Bully”.  As you travel together, you can only step on the squares provided and you must link-up with “The Bully” as you go.”

 PDF: Lunch Table Trouble Lesson Plan

  • Line of Inquiry: How can we use The Golden Rule to deal with a bully?
  • Age Range: 4th-12th grade (Elementary-Adult)
  • Group Size: 5-10
  • Activity Time: 20-40 minutes (with reflection time)
  • Set-Up Time: 10 minutes
  • Materials: 2 rolls ofyellow duct tape, 5-10 strips of fabric each 2 feet long (optional), 5-10 sharpie markers. Tip: A poster of the variations of The Golden Rule is helpful to have in sight (
  • Activity Objective: With ankles taped (or tied together with fabric), the team must travel as a unit from line A across line B.
  • Utah Core Standards: Social Studies: (Citizenship) Demonstrate positive relationships through play and friendship, demonstrate respect for each individual and appropriate social skills necessary for working in a group, modeling appropriate group behavior and expressing feelings in appropriate ways.
  • Skills Developed: Clear Communication, Trust, Planning, Patience, Goal Setting and Achievement, Resource Management.