Make a PSA

Line of inquiry (essential question): How can we share and get other groups to embrace the idea behind the Golden Rule

Grade range: 4-6

Group size: This can be done individually, with each student creating their own poster, or students can be divided into groups.

Materials: Poster paper, markers, crayons, images from computer, rulers,   examples of P.S.A. posters

Time: 1-2 class periods

Language Arts Core: [SL] 4.5

Skills: Critical thinking skills, communication, cooperation, description, persuasion

Space: Classroom

Directions: Either individually or in groups, students will create a P.S.A. poster (you can use computer programs, i.e.: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) illustrating the Golden Rule (or a variation) and create a tag line that encourages others to follow the Golden Rule.

Extensions: Students in all grades can participate; some students could create a short video that illustrates the Golden Rule.

Reflection: Students will present their posters or videos and comment on each other’s work.


GRP Make a PSA