Making Connections

Line of inquiry (essential question): How are different variations of the Golden Rule similar? How are they different? Why does the idea of treating each other as we would be treated come in so many different ways?

Grade range: 4-5

Group size: Small groups 4-5

Materials: Copies of different variations of the Golden Rule, highlighters

Time: 20-40 minutes

Language Arts Core: LA Informational Text, Standard 3 Language, Standard 1

Skills: Critical thinking skills, evaluation, compare and contrast

Space: Classroom or bigger

Directions: In small groups, students will be given 3 different variations of the Golden Rule to examine. First, each group will look for nouns that are the same or similar (synonyms), and highlight them; next students will identify similar verbs and highlight those as well. Next, students will look for similarities in the messages. Finally, each group will present their findings to the whole class. The class can then discuss how language can be used to bring people together.

Extensions: Students will write their own versions of the Golden Rule

Reflection: This lesson can also be used with older students, LA [W] 9, Grades 8-10


GRP Making Connections