The idea of a great unifying theme of reciprocity and interconnectedness, such as the Golden Rule, has existed in a wide array of cultures for many centuries. The Golden Rule reflects not only considerations and kindness towards each other, but also regard for the laws of nature and the need for balance in our lives.

 About us

The Golden Rule Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the spirit of the Golden Rule in schools and communities in Utah. Bonnie Phillips, who initiated the project in 2003, was soon joined by her mother, Jane Porter, who started the Manners-Golden Rule Foundation to continue to fund the organization. When Jane passed away in 2008, it was decided that her home would be used as a congenial gathering place for those who serve the community. Jane’s Home was thus born as another aspect of the Golden Rule Project. The Manners-Golden Rule Foundation continues to provide for the Golden Rule Project and Jane’s Home, both of which thrive today. 


A world comprehensively characterized, more and more over time, by the consideration and practice of the Golden Rule – a world with more compassion, respect and understanding for all life.


The mission of the Golden Rule Project is to increase awareness and the practice of compassion, kindness, and peace by sharing the universal principle of the Golden Rule through education, programming, and partnerships.


The Golden Rule Project

The Golden Rule Project provides arts-based programs created primarily, but not exclusively, for children and youth that encourage the consciousness, understanding, and ultimately, the practice of the Golden Rule. It is through the arts that imagination and visualization connect us with the powerful principles of the Golden Rule: the exploratory and meditative nature of the arts encourages its practitioners to contemplate the Golden Rule in their own unique and creative ways, thereby making it a more personal and meaningful practice. By teaching the Golden Rule to children in this way, we build the foundation for a kinder and more peaceful future.

Jane’s Home

Jane’s Home is a place to build harmony, community and peace. We offer this beautifully restored home as a gathering place for groups and individuals who serve the community to host retreats, workshops, and other meetings that help these organizations better function and, in turn, help them better serve the community. Jane’s Home provides a congenial, home-like atmosphere that fosters productive discussions that allow its participants to transcend divisiveness and contention in ways not possible in a hotel, boardroom, or office.

Elements of our project:

Sixteen formulations of the Golden Rule were carefully selected for the first edition of diptychs produced.Click Here  

During the initial stages of our research into the universality of the Golden Rule, we uncovered 108 different formulations. Our list continues to grow. To view the entire listClick Here

To view the illuminationsClick Here  

A number of artists agreed to participate in this project, donating their time and talent gratis to further individualize each Golden Rule document. Some of the artists were affiliated with certain schools and thus requested their pieces be donated to those designated schools. For more information on the contributing artists Click Here  

To view where the Golden Rule illuminations have been placed,Click Here  

A packet containing golden rule formulations as well as additional resources accompanies the golden rule broadsides donated to various schools. This packet can now be downloaded should you desire your own copy.
A Golden Rule Poster is now available for purchase.Click Here to connect with our activities and materials for teachers.

Our IRS 501c3 status along with our certificate from the State of Utah is here: 
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To check on the current status of Exempt Organizations, the IRS has a system here: EO check. The Tax ID for the Manners-Golden Rule Foundation, Salt Lake City is 20-0526144.