Resolution Rings

These rings represent the way THE GOLDEN RULE connects YOU to OTHERS by using our ATTENTION to PRACTICE respecting our HUMAN RIGHTS as we relate to each other. Your job is to work together as a team to decide which of the rings is ‘The Golden Rule Ring’ that is holding the other five rings together. Everyone in the group must come to the same resolution or agreement on which ring is which. You must follow all the rules as you attempt to solve this challenge.

Line of Inquiry: How does the Golden Rule help us to work together to solve problems?

Age Range: 4th-12th grade (Elementary-Adult)

Group Size: 2-5 (per set of resolution rings)

Activity Time: 15-30 minutes (with reflection time)

Set-Up Time: 1 minute (Not including prep-time to construct your resolution rings. Each set takes about 15 minutes to create.)