Wave Stretching

Line of inquiry: How do we participate as a group? Is community important?

Grade range: 4-7

Group size: A few medium sized groups of 15-20 works best.

Materials: Just the space

Time: About 15 minutes – This activity can be used for an introduction or a settling activity. By the end, everyone is working in unison – on the same page.

Skills: Critical thinking skills, communication, cooperation

Space: Enough space to accommodate the group, each person needs enough space to move in and stretch comfortably

Directions: Students will stand in their groups, in a circle. Start by asking students to reach for the sky and then take it down low and come back to standing. Now, the facilitator will instruct students, as a group, to create a wave. I must happen in silence and the students must take their cues from the other students in their group. The goal is a perfect, silent wave.

Deliver the Challenge: The groups can compete for best wave.

Extensions: Students can work on different shapes or syncopated action, where everyone must do their part to make it work.

Reflection: Did you lose yourself in the movement? Were you proud of your involvement? Were you proud of the group’s efforts?

Notes: This activity can be used to introduce many different kinds of concepts. It can be used in gym class, drama, or part of any kind of movement discipline.


GRP Wave Stretching