Who Started the Motion?

Line of inquiry: How can we become in tune with our community? How can small groups affect change?

Grade range: 4-7

Group size: Small groups of 8-10 – The facilitator may run two or more groups simultaneously.

Materials: Enough space to move

Activity Objective: Ask students who are “IT” to find who is starting the motion

Time: 20-45 minutes

Skills: Critical thinking skills, communication, cooperation

Space: A gym, playground, or a classroom with chairs pushed back.

Directions: One person from each group is chosen to be “IT” and will leave the room. The rest of the group will choose the first three people to start the motion; each taking turns. It may get to the point where you cannot tell. The movements should be simple and easy to follow and maintain. After a minute or so the next person should change the motion, the transition should be seamless. Students will have to pay attention to the others students around them. Once the third person has changed the motion, the motion can be changed by anyone in the group.

Deliver the Challenge: The person who left the room tries to figure out who started the motion in fewer than three tries. The game can continue, with different students being “IT” and trying to spot who started the motion.

Extensions: This can be paired with The Machine or Wave Stretching as these games get students moving and working together.

Reflection: How did it feel to be part of something working in unison? Can you think of other ways a simple action started a larger movement.

Notes: Most students like this fame. Be aware of students who like to claim the limelight as they might try to take control. Make sure everyone gets a chance to be “IT” and also start the motion.


GRP Who Started the motion