Why we need the Golden Rule Petition

We can use the knowledge and truth of the Golden Rule together – all over the planet.

The Golden Rule petition emphasizes that the unifying principle of the Golden Rule lives within all individuals, organizations and groups who serve the world in many different ways. Our petition began with a vision from the founders of the GoldenRuleProject.org and it is finding support among partners worldwide.

The petition belongs to everyone. It serves a common and planetary good. As the number of signatures grows, the petition naturally gains strength, and our tool to demonstrate the importance of this principle grows deeper and more powerful. Who knows what we can do with 1 million signatures.

Right now, we can use the petition to send the message to ourselves and to our representatives that living by this universal principle is vital for our needs as human beings and as a planet. The Golden Rule is the most common of all principles among us and in supporting this petition we widen the influence of good around the world. We invite ALL to join us in walking this common path.

Please sign this petition. Please forward this announcement through your network of friends and colleagues. Please consider posting it on your website or on social media.

Read and sign our “Live by the Golden Rule” petition.